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Greetings that keep on giving

How many smiles have these vintage postcards brought ? Do you suppose the senders of these cards -- in 1906, 1910, 1912 -- had any idea their simple holiday wishes or everyday notes would have been lovingly tucked away and passed down through generations? Still bringing smiles to readers more than 100 years later? Or that the artists had any idea their work would be so sought after some 100 years later?

There's something magical about vintage postcards... they are a tangible link to history, tradition and culture... and just by their being here -- today -- they have an inherent  specialness...  I love these early printed  "signed artist" postcards by noted Scandinavian artists such as Jenny Nystrom and Aina Stenberg, among others. Vintage postcards are among my favorite collectibles -- and always add a special touch to holiday decorating and as special gifts...

These paper treasures are on display at Aurea Vista in downtown Riverside, CA, 3498 University Avenue, corner of University and Lemon. For more information see updates on our Facebook page,