The Lingonberries Story

Folk Art. Inspiration. Style. That defines the Scandinavian influence that infuses Lingonberries, my new line of fashion and home decor items.  I was excited to be able to introduce Lingonberries at the August 2012 Minneapolis Mart Gift Show, and have it represented in the mart by Jansco Marketing.

In a way, Lingonberries is something I've worked toward all my life.

My mother's family came over to America over a hundred years ago from Sweden (my grandmother came by herself, she was just 16.) My father's family came around the same time, from Norway. I was born in the Norwegian Hospital in Brooklyn and grew up, mostly in New York and New Orleans, in homes that embraced the promise and spirit of America but honored family ties and celebrated the traditions of our Scandinavian-American heritage.

Traditions that have woven their way through the generations.  As a graphic designer, it was natural to explore the Scandinavian folk arts -- the Norwegian painting, rosemaling, and  the Swedish Dalmalning, or kurbits folk art style.  And needing letters from Sweden translated led us to Vasa, the international Scandinavian cultural organization.  I'm still struggling with the languages, but our sons enjoyed Concordia's Swedish language camps in Minnesota (home to my husband's Swedish forbears).

My folk art adorns a wall in my kitchen and anything wood -- bowls, plates, skis, furniture... Somehow, greeting cards and then fabric design and scarves and purses and pillows and table runners seemed perfectly natural next steps. I wanted the painting to be woven into everyday things, but as much for the celebration of the colors, the design, the expression. Something that could have a universal appeal,

Inspiration is all around. I have a photo from a distant generation of my Swedish family -- note the textiles on the walls and ceilings that were brought out and put up to decorate for special occasions. And, I have "Den Lille Syerske" -- the little seamstress. I keep her over my cutting table for inspiration. The print was my grandmother's.

Expanding on our design work to create a new line seemed so natural... Bringing Scandinavian folk art into everyday living.  For family, friends and home.

The name Lingonberries?  We always had lingonberries  at our house at mealtime (still do) -- it goes with everything. The principle works for our line, too.

A Textile Tradition

A Textile Tradition

Den Lille Syerske

Den Lille Syerske

Scandinavian Medley Table Runner

Scandinavian Medley Table Runner

You can find the Lingonberries line by Counterpane Press at:


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  • Bestemors     Mystic, CT                            
  • Vanberia    Decorah, IA                            
  • Vesterheim Museum  Decorah, IA              
  • Vaer Sa  God   Forest City, IA                     
  • Scandinavian Affar     Sandpoint, ID              
  • Viking Treasures    Long Grove, IL             
  • Klaradal      Olney, MD                                
  • Monica's Scandinavian Imports  Caribou,ME 
  • Scandinavian Gifts     Marquette, MI         
  • Scandinavian Gift Shop  Alexandria MN    

  • Valley Troll    Glenwood, MN                       
  • Scan-Dolls, Inc.    Maple Grove, MN            
  • Brad Nelson Designs  Knife River, MN        
  • Cafe Finspang    Minneapolis, MN                 
  • Ingebretsens    Minneapolis, MN               
  • St. Olaf College Bookstore  Northfield, MN            
  • Uffda Shop   Red Wing, MN                       
  • Scandia Butik     Scandia, MN                    
  • Iverson's Scandinavian Imports                                      St. Louis Park, MN                                                     
  • Bibelot    St. Paul, MN                                 
  • Swedish Kontur  St. Peter, MN                   
  • Little Scandinavia   Elkhorn, NE                 
  • Stabo  Scandinavian Imports  Bismarck, ND
  • Stabo Scandinavian Imports  Fargo, ND    
  • Holsen Hus  Sioux Falls, SD                       
  • Nordic Heritage Museum   Seattle, WA       
  • Linnea Bakery   Kenosha, WI                      
  • Open House Imports   Mt. Horeb, WI         
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