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New Paths for Exploring

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Hiking into the new year... the pace is quickening already -- with a hectic December and January. Got the last newsletter of 2013 out for the California Rosemaling Association ( -- lots of photos from a great rosemaling convention with Ruth Green and Judy Ritger -- and an interview with Mike Giaimo, the art director of Disney's hit movie, Frozen. Can't pass up a chance to highlight rosemaling on the big screen... Or that one of CRA's members, Rick Marzullo, was consulted for the movie's research and thanked in the credits... Love the movie and how it brings in so much of the traditional arts, architecture and cultural influences of Norway. Hope it will be a good year for rosemaling and exploring the arts.

Our Lingonberries line is now out of Aurea Vista -- they closed their doors December 31st, but the Lingonberries line will be carried in a new shop around the corner.  So lots of moving and things to get ready... Look for an update on SOL Shop on Lemon, 3850 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA -- opening soon!  Check our Facebook page for more updates,