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Welcoming the Season

I love traditions. The littlest things can bring a smile, a memory... The lilt of a familiar song, the spicy-sweet hint of cardamom from freshly baked cakes or cookies...  The Little Viking in Temecula, CA wrapped up a host of traditions for their recent open house. Mette and Greg Gaal's shop was festive with the holiday lights, decorations and gift ideas celebrating a Scandinavian Christmas. They had a wonderful array of traditional Jul goodies  and glogg. And as a special treat, they had the Southern California Damekor providing music and song. The women's ensemble has been performing in the Temecula - San Diego area since 2009, specializing in Scandinavian and English choral music.  All in all, a perfect blend for welcoming the holidays.

I can't remember a Christmas season that my family didn't visit a Scandinavian shop to find some special gifts. It always added a special sense of linking our families, blending old and new stories, sparking new conversations and traditions,,,

So Cal Damekor performing at The Little Viking in Temecula, CA