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Simple Pleasures

The Yarn Gallery, Grand Rapids, MN

The Yarn Gallery, Grand Rapids, MN

November 5, 2012

Simple pleasures, simple treasures. A wonderful find on a trip this summer to visit my husband's aunt and explore the Minnesota towns where his family was raised. Spotted the giant knitting needles as we left the old schoolhouse in Grand Rapids, and had to look inside. The Yarn Gallery was alive with color and textures--  and more kinds of yarn than I'd ever imagined. But it had something more: a special vibrancy -- interaction with the community -- from the yarn-bombed rocking chair to knitters, crocheters, children's parties to craft special projects, fundraising programs to benefit those in need, new events and projects popping up all the time... A welcoming, fun place to visit and engage in conversation. Hadn't knitted since I was 7. Left smiling with new needles and magical yarn. And a quick lesson to get started again. And another link with Minnesota.